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INS Satavahana is the premier submarine training establishment of the Indian Navy. It imparts professional multi-level training to officers and sailors of the Indian Navy in the field of Submarine Warfare. It is one of the professional establishments under the umbrella of the Southern Naval Command, which is the training command of the Indian Navy. It has two schools under its purview, the Submarine School and the Escape Training School. The entire gamut of submarine related training from ab-initio basic training to Command level courses are conducted at the establishment.

You are about to embark on the most exciting and rewarding career as a submariner. It is also the most perilous and your life as well as the lives of all your crew members depends on your professional competence. Only in-depth professional knowledge coupled with constant alertness will prepare you to face the demanding challenges of the deep. Training plays a central role in all the aspects of submarining. The Submarine School and Escape Training School at INS Satavahana has a lot to offer you. Your sincerity and diligence in every endeavour will help you to get the best out of the training.

INS Satavahana was commissioned on 21 Dec 1974. It is named after the Satavahana dynasty that ruled peninsular India from 184 BC to 300 AD. Their reign extended from the Vindhyas to the Travancore hills and from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. In this period Indian sail ships ventured to the far eastern islands of Katah (Malaysia), Karpura (Camphor Islands), Suvarna (Sumatra), and other islands of the Indonesian archipelago. The crest of the establishment contains the motif from an old Satavahana coin.

An integrated type training establishment was set up for the purpose of training officers and sailors for ships and submarines of Soviet origin on 11 March 1974. The establishment was later named INS Satavahana and commissioned on 21 Dec 1974. This premier training establishment derived its name from the great Satavahana dynasty, which ruled the whole of the Deccan and a large portion of north India for four and a half centuries from about 230 BC.

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