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The Naval Institute of Educational and Training Technology (NIETT) is a premier professional training institute established on 25 Apr 1971 with the aim of conducting ab-initio training in Teaching Methods and Training Technology for Education officers. Since then, Fifty Five batches of Education offices have passed out of the portals of this Institute. Specialised in the field of training technology, the Institute imparts training technology courses under the mandate ‘Train the Trainers’ for officers of all branches who are posted as instructors to professional schools/training establishments. In addition, the Institute conducts advanced Training Design Management Course for Training commanders, Chief Instructors of training establishments and professional schools. Scientific Orientation Course for international student officers are also conducted by this Institute wherein officers from friendly foreign navies are exposed to academic subjects such as Physics and Mathematics. Further, the unit also conducts media management capsule courses for officers taking over as Commanding officers and Executive Officers of major war ships. The clientele of this Institute include officers & sailors of Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard personnel, Defence civilians and international students. The Institute is ISO: 9001 certified since 06 Aug 1998

The Institute provides video training facility and printing facility as well. A dedicated video studio is functional manned by the professionals who are capable of providing video training to Photo branch sailors of Indian Navy besides producing training films on various professional topics. A state of the art Printing Press is functional under the administrative control of this Institute which caters to all the printing needs of the Command and other training establishments under Southern Naval Command.

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