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INS Kunjali (Music Training School) Presently located at the southernmost tip of Mumbai, INS Kunjali was commissioned on 01 Jul 54, with Captain Michael Benjamin Samuel, VSM, as the first Commanding Officer. The establishment commemorates the name of the Kunjali Marakkars, the hereditary Chiefs of the Navy of the Zamorin of Kozhikode or Calicut, in the sixteenth century.

The establishment was set up to administer the Regulating School of the Navy, the School of Music, and the Provost Headquarters of the Navy at Mumbai, the IN Detention Quarters and the Indian Naval Band. In course of time the establishment also became home to the rotary wing assets of the naval air arm at Mumbai. The motto of the establishment is 'Satyam Vad Dharma Char' and means always speak the truth and tread the path of Dharma.

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