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The Indian Naval Academy is the premier officer training establishment of the Indian Navy located on the coasts of northern Kerala at Ezhimala , Payannur in the Kannur District.

Set up at the foot of seven hills of which Mount Dilli is the tallest ( 260 mtrs high ), this sprawling academy, which is also Asia’s largest, is spread over an area of 2,452 acres with a perimeter of 22 kms and is surrounded by a picturesque 7 km beach strecth. The serene Kavvayi backwaters in the region form an integral part of the academy which also has large forest area with a variety of flora and fauna.

This world class academy and a centre for academic excellence for the sea guardians of our country aims to provide University education to its young officers in a military environment in view of the growing complexity of Navy's various responsibilities.

The subjects are categorized broadly into Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Meteorology, Oceanography and computers. Naval related Service subjects are also covered during the training period.

In addition to this, the academy also prioritizes giving practical and hands-on training to the under-trainees in Seamanship, Navigation, Waterman ship or Damage Control and Fire Fighting.

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