Welcome to INS Hamla International Alumni Portal

Commissioned as HMIS Hamlawar on 15 Jan 1946 during the Second World War, the present site of Hamla was part of the Combined Operation Training Centers around Mumbai and was known as the Landing Craft Wing. This site also accommodated Boys Training Establishment for a short while during post independence. The Cookery School and the Supply and Secretariat school were shifted from Kochi to the present location in November 1953. The establishment was re-commissioned as INS Hamla on 06 Jan 1954. INS Hamla since has progressed by leaps and bounds to its present state with far reaching modernization efforts.

INS Hamla trains Officers and Sailors of the Indian Navy, India Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Coast Guard, Friendly Foreign Navies and Naval Civilians in following fields

  • # Professional Logistics
  • # Management
  • # General Administration including Administration of defence civilians
  • # Information Technology
  • # Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

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